10 Things That Will Happen If Jeff Hardy Returns To WWE

Would a Hardy Boyz reunion work in WWE?

Recently, the rumour mill has been churning hard with suggestions that Jeff Hardy could be about to trade TNA for WWE. Leaving the promotion in the Summer of 2009, the high-flying Hardy made the jump to TNA, who were in early-2010 hoping to compete with his former employers. This wasn't the first time Jeff had been in the company, as he'd also previously spent time there between 2004-2006. Over the years, Jeff Hardy has had a strange relationship with WWE. Going back as far as the early years of the new millennium, the colourful character hasn't always seen eye-to-eye with management. A free spirit kind of person, Jeff enjoys a lot of things outside of the wrestling industry, which hasn't always appealed to WWE. If he did return, it makes sense to assume it'd be on his own terms. Old wounds must have healed since 2009, when Hardy requested to leave the promotion. Soon thereafter, legal problems likely made WWE glad they weren't associated with him at the time, as it could have been a PR disaster for the company. Charged for drug trafficking and and possession, Jeff later spent 10 days in jail during October, 2011. That's all water under the bridge, and would have to be if WWE were interested in bringing him back. What role could Jeff Hardy play in modern-day WWE? Going further, what is likely to happen should he made a grand return to the promotion with which he made his name?

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