10 Things That Would Happen If Today’s WWE Wrote The Attitude Era

The cure for the actually good show!


On the December 15, 1997 RAW, Vince McMahon formally ushered in the Attitude Era.

"This is a conscious effort on our part to open the creative envelope, so to speak," he began, and it's very different now. WWE has sealed the creative envelope. Inside that envelope, the names of two WWE Superstars (™) are found. Vince opens it back up, picks one out at random, and this process determines which WWE Superstar (™) "builds momentum" on that given night.

"We borrow from such programme niches like soap operas, like 'The Days Of Our Lives' or music videos, such as those on MTV, daytime talk shows like Jerry Spring and others, cartoons like 'The King Of The Hill' on Fox, sitcoms like 'Seinfeld', and other widely-accepted forms of television entertainment," McMahon continued.

In 2019, WWE borrows from such programme niches like rotten wrestling shows, like WCW 2000 on TNT or TNA 2010 on Spike.

"We in the WWF think that you, the audience, are quite frankly sick of having your intelligence insulted," McMahon said, in 1997, while in 2019, he makes sure to recap every last f*cking segment because we are too thick to remember what just happened in our lives two minutes ago.

The Attitude Era is forever vaunted for its for-better-or-worse undiluted creativity - but this WWE can never, ever reboot it...


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