10 Things That Would Happen If Today’s WWE Wrote The Attitude Era

10. Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. Tiger Ali Singh On Pay-Per-View


Tiger Ali Singh was - at best - unremarkable. His trainer, Dr. Tom Prichard, was less kind in his assessment of the second-generation superstar.

"He came in thinking he was a f*cking hotshot who knew it all, but he was terrible! He couldn't even grab a headlock, he was the sh*ts."

Lacey Evans can grab a headlock, but isn't too dissimilar to the failed Singh experiment; both were entitled, moneyed heel characters who treated the common folk with disdain, and both were parachuted onto national television prematurely. Evans is improving, granted, but isn't remotely capable of levelling up to the demands and standards of a headline programme.

And yet, in 2019, she has tainted Becky Lynch's aura as the hottest star in all of wrestling throughout an average and nonsensical storyline development. Lynch, once referred to as Stone Cold Steve Austin's spiritual descendent, has cooled off significantly, and all because Lacey compels Vince and Kevin to reach for her handkerchief.

In this alternate 1998 timeline, Steve Austin doesn't draft the in-ring sports entertainment bible in his violent hoots opposite Dude Love. Steve Austin endures a five-minute Singh chinlock because that's the heat. The heat is on guys who piss you off by being boring. That's the only remote possibility, anyway.

But how to build that programme, and how to develop Steve Austin's character...?


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