10 Things We Learned From Bobby Lashley On Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions Podcast

Bobby Lashley has lived through bank robberies, WWE's ECW, Donald Trump and more.

Bobby Lashley Steve Austin

Bobby Lashley could kick almost anyone's ass, and he knows it.

The reigning WWE Champion took a while to ease up during his sit-down with Steve Austin on WWE Network/Peacock, but there was no stopping big Bob when he got into his rhythm. At one point, a sh*t-eating grin crossed ol' 'Stone Cold's' face - he was enjoying Lashley's stories, and knew he'd hit another home run on 'Broken Skull Sessions'.

Austin should be used to that by now. He's known for bringing the best out in his guests, which is a skill, and his straight-shooting style makes every episode watchable. That's especially true when those sitting in cut the bullsh*t, match his intensity and do most of the yakking.

Lashley was only too happy to deep dive on everything from amateur wrestling and The Undertaker to Paul Heyman, his experience working WWE's very own ECW spin off, what it was like dealing with Donald Trump at WrestleMania 23 and more.

Bobby had some top class insight on The Hurt Business too, and he didn't shy away from his weaknesses or the nonstop battle to get better.

Here's everything we learned...

10. His Sh*t Scary Bank Robbery Story

Bobby Lashley Steve Austin

OK, so you need to hear about this first.

Lashley looked destined to make the Olympic wrestling team before blowing his knee out in 2004. How did that happen? Well, the muscle man was privy to a bloody bank robbery, and he almost got shot in the heat of the moment. Yeah, that'll take the shine off anyone's day.

Bobby was in said bank when a few dudes started shooting up the place. Dodging a bullet, the wrestling hopeful dropped to the ground and tried to stay calm. Later, after helping others regain their composure, he realised that his knee had swollen up to the size of a football - the Olympic dream was about to die.

To his credit, Lashley didn't try to come across as some tough guy when recanting this tale to Austin on 'Broken Skull'. He admitted that he was scared out of his mind when bullets started flying (who wouldn't be?!) and was only thinking about saving his life.


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