10 Things We Learned From Bobby Lashley On Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions Podcast

9. Lashley’s Trademark Pose Was Improvised

Bobby Lashley Steve Austin

Onto something a little brighter.

Austin wanted to know who suggested Lashley's trademark pose. According to the man himself though, the answer would be...nobody. Yep, that arms-out-to-the-side finger point Bob does was something he came up with on the spot. WWE had asked him to do "something" when he went through the curtain on the 23 September 2005 SmackDown.

Stuck, Bobby decided to coordinate the pose with some pyro he knew he'd be getting, and the rest was history. He still does that pose to this day. It's become something of a hallmark for him (his entrances wouldn't be the same without it, to be honest), but it was a total happy accident.

He randomly decided to cross his arms then do the point. WWE liked it so much that they asked their new hire to keep on doing the pose. Austin seemed slightly stunned (ahem) to learn that this wasn't some grand plan from Vince during the build towards Lashley's debut.


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