10 Things We Learned From CM Punk At Starrcast

"I wouldn't not talk to WWE," says Punk.


It's that time of year again when CM Punk briefly stops pretending he hates all things wrestling to sit down and chat the business as the crown-jewel in a typically star-studded Starrcast line-up.

PWInsider's venerable Mike Johnson helmed the latest sit-down with wrestling's most sought-after returnee, greeted by a laid-back, positively sanguine Best in the World to discuss all the hottest topics of the day, as well as reflect on his glittering in-ring career from his early days in Ring of Honor all the way up to his ultimately unhappy WWE exit.

Obviously, the big thing everybody wants to know is: when is he coming back, if at all? And would he ever consider an offer from Vince McMahon and co. in the distant future?

Given Punk's staunch anti-WWE stance over the past half decade, his answer perhaps came as something of a surprise. He's probably not going to be the host of the company's new FS1 talk show when it launches in October - but he could be back in Stamford at some point down the line.

He described that revelation as "lesser websites' clickbait for the next week." We reckon it's kinda newsworthy.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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