10 Things We Learned From Dark Side Of The Ring: Owen Hart

A story that never gets any easier.

Dark Side Of The Ring Owen Hart

The story of Owen Hart's tragic death has been revisited countless times, but it has arguably never been told like this.

VICE saved Owen's story for the final episode of season two - they can't be blamed for that. Hart's tale is one of the most controversial in pro wrestling history, and it deserved to take centre stage. The beautiful thing is that the man's love for his family, desire to spend more time with them and willingness to go that extra mile so his children were happy deserves it more.

The final 'Dark Side Of The Ring' (for now) isn't an easy watch, especially once attention turns to Over The Edge 1999 during the doc's second half. Watching Owen's widow Martha, his children Oje and Athena, and an abundance of talking heads who knew him well struggle to speak clearly without their voices cracking with emotion is tough.

This is also the retelling of a human being who touched everyone he came into contact with before being taken away too soon though. You need to watch the episode, and here's why...

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