10 Things We Learned From Dark Side Of The Ring: WWE’s Steroid Trials

5. McMahon & Meltzer Side-By-Side Is Weird

Vince McMahon Hulk Hogan Dr Zahorian Dark Side Of The Ring VICE

What a weird, weird image.

Firstly, it's bloody odd that Vince McMahon agreed to go on John Arezzi's show in the first place. The Pro Wrestling Spotlight ringleader invited Vinnie Mac and Dave Meltzer on to discuss everything that was happening. It seems totally out of character for McMahon to accept something like that mid-trial.

During the chat, Arezzi called Vince out on some bullsh*t. Meltzer piled on too, and McMahon wasn't happy about it. Later, John claimed that "black suited guys" turned up at his house with threats. That's something McDevitt shot down; he blasted Arezzi by saying he was never important enough for something so dramatic.


Take a moment to gawp at the image of McMahon and Meltzer side-by-side though. That's not something wrestling fans see every day, but it happened back in the mid-1990s. Better yet, Dave was in attendance throughout much of Vince's trial, so it actually made sense.


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