10 Things We Learned From Dark Side Of The Ring: WWE’s Steroid Trials

3. When Vince McMahon Took His Brace Off

Vince McMahon Hulk Hogan Dr Zahorian Dark Side Of The Ring VICE

Most onlookers believed that Vince was seeking sympathy when he rocked up to the courtroom wearing a neck brace. Truthfully, there might've been some gamesmanship from McMahon here, but he did legitimately undergo surgery during the whole drama.

He didn't take that brace off until the celebration dinner.

McDevitt joked that his friend could remove the thing now that he'd won. Playing along, Vince took the brace off and pretended that he had been working the whole time. Almost hilariously, McMahon then quickly asked for the brace back because he was in genuine pain.

Jerry got a kick out of that, and so did everybody else in attendance for the celebration. They were keen to add some levity to what had been a stressful and emotionally-draining experience for the McMahon family, their friends and the WWF.

This might've been one of the only times Vince sold pain or distress throughout the entire trial.


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