10 Things We Learned From Dark Side Of The Ring: WWE’s Steroid Trials

2. McDevitt Still Has A Courtroom Portrait

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McDevitt, who was an undoubted star of VICE's latest doc, will never forget the literal trials and tribulations he, Vince and Linda McMahon went through. At one point, Jerry even consoled a distraught young Stephanie after she'd heard Sean O'Hara tear her father to pieces.

The lawyer formed a close bond with the McMahons mid-trial.

That bond still remains strong enough that McDevitt commissioned a courtroom painting for his office wall. It shows Vince, Linda and himself hugging after the verdict, and it takes pride of place for Jerry. He recalled the "pop" that accompanied McMahon's name being cleared, and says he'll never forget the emotion all three felt immediately afterwards.

McDevitt claims he could feel Linda's heart beating beside him as they all waited for the judge's word. It didn't help that he'd pointed out that only 2-5% of these trials ended with the accused being acquitted. A solid 90%+ of them ended in prison or heavy financial settlements.

Yeah, maybe not the time to bring that up!


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