10 Things We Learned From James Ellsworth On Talk Is Jericho

Ellsworth was TERRIFIED of wrestling AJ Styles...

29 Braun Strowman James Ellsworth

Years from now, James Ellsworth will pop up on lists chronicling the most unlikely WWE stars ever. Like Barry Horowitz and Duane Gill before him, Ellsworth possessed neither the size or star power to be a success.

Then, he opened his mouth and Vince McMahon couldn't believe how comfortable lil' Jimmy was on the mic.

That's just one story Ellsworth told during his recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho. Right from the off, it becomes clear that Y2J likes the guy but totally knows he's lucky to have been hired. One of the best aspects of the podcast is how fond Jericho becomes of Ellsworth by the end, especially once he cottons on to how passionate about wrestling his guest is.

Such likability is what sums Ellsworth up. He came out of nowhere, cut a promo about taking it to Braun Strowman, and before anyone knew what was happening he was challenging AJ Styles for the WWE Title. In just 16 months of screen time, Ellsworth experienced a lifetime of memories...


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