10 Things We Learned From Jeff Jarrett On Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions Podcast

Jeff Jarrett talks heat with 'Stone Cold', WWE, WCW, TNA, Chyna, Owen Hart and more.

Steve Austin Jeff Jarrett Broken Skull Sessions

Ain't he great?!

There's a lot you don't know about Jeff Jarrett's 30-year pro wrestling career. Ol' J-E-DOUBLE-F sat down with Steve Austin to set some facts straight on the latest episode of 'Broken Skull Sessions'. Typically, as anybody who has watched this stellar series to date knows, 'Stone Cold' cut through some bullsh*t and wanted nothing but the truth.

To his credit, Jarrett was willing to give him it - there's clear respect between both men. They've known one another for a long, long time, and that was actually one of the first things they spoke about on the show. After that, presumably out of respect, Jeff was open and honest about everything from WWE negotiations and WCW woes to his real thoughts on TNA's standing in the wrestling world and more.

Jeff talked about WCW moments which left him "super disgusted", why he thought he was in line for a third WWE run once that company bit the dust and who he blames for the backstage drama at No Mercy 1999.

Here's everything gleaned from almost two hours of banter-meets-insight between Austin and Jarrett.

10. There’s No Heat There

Steve Austin Jeff Jarrett Broken Skull Sessions

Disappointed? Don't be.

Austin broached the subject of "perceived heat" between he and Jeff straight away. In short, there is none, and there never really has been; much of these rumours stem from stories about Jeff's dad Jerry paying Steve peanuts in the old Memphis territory.

Backstage, Jarrett passed a disgruntled Austin (who was staring at a smaller-than-expected pay check) and said: "It ain't gonna get any bigger by looking at it, boy!". Steve found that pretty funny, and said Jerry was always fair with him when confronted on those lower payoffs.

Taking ownership of a d*ck move, Jeff said he only spat out that line in the first place because he'd heard somebody else say it and he thought it sounded cool. He was the "young punk promoter's kid" at the time. In reality, he and Austin have always been good friends.

Heat? Yeah, that's something born from rumour and conjecture rather than fact.


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