10 Things We Learned From Kane On Stone Cold's Broken Skull Sessions Podcast

The 'Big Red (Marilyn Manson, dog, pyrotechnics and S&M-loving) Machine'...

Summarising Kane's career in one interview was never going to be easy.

You might not have seen the same hype for Kane's appearance on Steve Austin's WWE Network podcast as you did for The Undertaker and Bill Goldberg. Unlike those shows, Kane's didn't follow a major pay-per-view; it (rather quietly) aired following NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II over the weekend.

Don't let that trick you into thinking that the chat isn't essential. It is, and Austin's typically strait-laced interview style was a neat contrast for Kane's politically polite demeanour. The interview could've perhaps done with a little more talk on the latter portion of the character's career (there's a whistle stop tour of anything post-Attitude era), but they did only have around 80 minutes to work with.

The stories that are included prove fascinating anyway. Kane and Austin talked everything from the gimmick's humble beginnings, his 'Inferno Match' shenanigans with The Undertaker, exactly where most of Kane's biggest traits came from and why he was glad to finally unmask in 2003.

There was also some meat on the bone for fans who wanted to know more about his time playing evil dentist and Kevin Nash cosplayer...


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