10 Things We Learned From Kurt Angle On Stone Cold's Broken Skull Sessions Podcast

Stealing our hearts with a broken freakin' neck.


That might've been the best episode of 'Broken Skull Sessions' yet.

Steve Austin's interviews with the likes of The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler and Bret Hart were great, but none of them came close to marrying the insight, emotion and laughs of Kurt Angle's effort. The genuine 'Olympic Hero' has always shared some natural chemistry with Austin, but this was next level stuff.

The pair chatted for almost two full hours about everything from amateur wrestling training (it took eight-nine hours of daily training for Kurt to reach the Olympics) and nasty injuries to ECW, Eddie Guerrero, drug addictions and more. It was a dizzying procession of hit topics, and it's easy to imagine Angle and Austin could've kept on going for another few hours before those WWE Network producers called time.

If nothing else, watch the final few minutes to see a singalong that'll make your childhood smile. Seeing both guys rock those old cowboy hats again, tiny or not, and belt out a quick version of 'Old MacDonald' was sheer magic, and it'd thaw even the frostiest of hearts.

Here's everything we learned from 'Stone Cold's' latest...

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