10 Things We Learned From Mark Henry On Stone Cold's Broken Skull Sessions

Frosty beginnings with The Undertaker, 'Sexual Chocolate', choking JR and more...

Mark Henry World Title
“Step outside and say that”.

Mark Henry freely admits that he's a passionate dude who took time to acclimatise to the roguish ways of pro wrestling's fraternity. If somebody wanted to rib Mark, then they were going to get the above response - invites to fight pretty much anybody during his first few years in WWE led some to view Henry as an "as*hole".

The 20+ year veteran is a deceptive individual. Look at him, and you might see a meat-head powerlifter who transitioned into wrestling, but that's not the full man behind the muscle. In reality, Mark is a huge wrasslin' fan who lived his dreams, experienced countless speed bumps along the way and learned how to channel his aggression.

As usual, Steve Austin managed to pull the best from his guest. Austin is a master of knowing when to sit out so stories flow and when to interject so things can get back on topic. His own intensity was a great fit for Henry's (occasionally frightening) sincerity.

Here's everything learned from a sleeper hit interview that never dithered too long on one single subject...


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