10 Things We Learned From Mark Henry On Stone Cold's Broken Skull Sessions

10. Driving Yoko Was His Original Gig

After calling Mark Henry to try and sign him up in 1996, Vince McMahon matter-of-factly told his new hire that wrestling's newcomers served the more established workers. So, to help break Mark in, Vince told him he'd be in charge of driving the massive Yokozuna around.

Henry saw that as an honour.

He told Austin that the former WWF Champion never once treated him with disrespect. In fact, it was the opposite - Yoko treated the rookie very well, and ended up being the most honest man Henry would ever meet in the pro wrestling industry. If the big Samoan had something to say, he was gonna' come out and say it.

Yokozuna also took Mark to his first strip club. That was a trip for the strait-laced powerlifter. He didn't drink, smoke or do drugs, and didn't do much outside of eat, train and lift. Imagine his face when he clapped eyes on the wrestling night life.


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