10 Things We Learned From Matt Hardy On Talk Is Jericho

One of the best interviews Jericho has ever done. That says everything...


By his own admission, debuting in an empty arena was a strange one for Matt Hardy.

Here's a guy who can chart his wrestling career back to jobs on 1994 episodes of Monday Night Raw - he's a man who has lived through 'Attitude', 'Ruthless Aggression', the PG era, TNA and more across four decades of action, and he's never experienced anything like that AEW Dynamite intro.

Matt was the latest guest on Chris Jericho's 'Talk Is Jericho' podcast, and he was open to talking about pretty much anything. Throughout the hour-long chat, these old friends discussed both past, present and future, left no stone unturned and almost (but not quite) matched Jon Moxley's TIJ appearance last year. If that sounds like insane praise, then just give this article a read for proof.

It wasn't as visceral or explosive as Mox's fiery interview, but it was every bit as nourishing to fans who want the real story on Hardy's WWE exit, his AEW arrival and what the future holds for his daring, outlandish 'Broken' character.

Here's everything we learned from a guy who's excited to be All Elite...


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