10 Things We Learned From Mick Foley On Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions Podcast

Mick Foley talks botched spots, career regrets, WWE, TNA and more on Steve Austin's show.

Steve Austin Mick Foley Broken Skull Sessions

You've heard most of Mick Foley's stories.

99.9% of wrestling fans have heard all about his Hell In A Cell classic with The Undertaker at King Of The Ring 1998. Those same folks have listened to the old guy with the crooked smile and limp talk about losing his ear, falling out with Vince McMahon when he did some commentary and even about that time he "retired" opposite Triple H.

The best thing about this sit-down with Steve Austin for WWE Network/Peacock? You haven't heard some of Mick's tales told this way. Besides, there's such a charming zest to Foley's voice when he talks about entertaining the masses and giving his body so they'd get value for money that it's hard to begrudge some repetition.

Thankfully, 'Stone Cold' decided to dig a little deeper into his pal's career to find some real hidden gems. Most points analysed here feel totally fresh too, which is remarkable given how candid Mick has always been about his runs in WWE and WCW. The pair even found some time to talk TNA.

Here's everything we learned from another worthwhile episode of 'Broken Skull Sessions'...

10. His Unknown Worry In WCW

Steve Austin Mick Foley Broken Skull Sessions

Austin and Mick didn't go mega-deep on Foley's time in WCW, but they did touch on his feud with Vader, the whole ear-loss incident etc. During the former bit, ol' Cactus revealed something that not many people probably know, and it gave some cool insight into his mindset at the time.

Mick thought Halloween Havoc 1993 would be the apex of his career.

Foley, as Cactus Jack, headlined the pay-per-view against Big Van Vader. They smashed the sh*t out of each other, and Mick admits he left everything in the ring. Why? Well, he wasn't so sure he'd ever get the chance to main event a pay-per-view on that scale ever again.

Sadness mixed with excitement that night, but the future legend had nothing to worry about. He'd ascend to even greater heights (sometimes literally!) and close out much bigger events than WCW's Havoc '93. It's so weird to know he felt that way.

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