10 Things We Learned From Nail In The Coffin: The Fall And Rise Of Vampiro

9. Just How Big Of An Icon Vampiro Is

Nail in the Coffin Vampiro

For those of us around in the '90s and without access to the world of Mexican pro wrestling, Vampiro was at the time known for his so-so stint in WCW which is likely best remembered for his feud against Sting.

We'd heard how much of a big deal Vampiro was, we'd heard rumblings of this face-painted icon of CMLL, some more savvy fans had maybe even heard of the white-hot Vampiro vs. Konnan rivalry. The thing is, those outside of Mexico or certain regions of the United States never actually got to witness any of this.

As someone who was a wrestling obsessed teenager based in the UK at that point, it was a case of knowing the name of Vampiro and reading the odd news piece on the grappler in the magazines of the time, but it was only when Vampiro appeared in WCW in 1998 that so many of us got to actually see this almost mythical figure in action.

Having heard all of the buzz and hype, it's safe to say that that WCW stint maybe didn't quite live up to the legend of Vampiro - the disappointment of that WCW run is even discussed in Nail in the Coffin - but in this documentary you get to see just how much of an icon of the industry Vampiro is.

To see how Ian Hodgkinson the man and Vampiro the persona are worshipped in Mexico, you start to fully realise just how important a presence Vampiro has been, and continues to be, for the wrestling business and for wrestling fans.

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