10 Things We Learned From NJPW At Korakuen Hall

Notes from the most historic wrestling venue in the world.


Every wrestling promotion has its home arena. WWE has Madison Square Garden, and ECW had the 2300 Arena (or ECW Arena) in Philadelphia. They are venues with history dripping from the ceiling, bathed in blood, sweat and tears, which have crowd chants of old echoing down every hallway. Fans make pilgrimages to them, wrestlers get pumped up and put on special performances for them, and promotions return to them time and time again as a homecoming.

For New Japan Pro Wrestling, that place is Korakuen Hall - arguably the most historic venue in all of wrestling.

The spiritual home of NJPW, the venue was opened in 1962 and has since been the host of a broad selection of sports including boxing, MMA, kick boxing and of course, professional wrestling. Holding around 2000 people, it is one of the smaller venues that New Japan run, but this only serves to create an electric atmosphere.

If you are a fan of NJPW, you'll have seen loads of shows emanating from Korakuen Hall, but due to the location (lets face it, Japan is quite a long way away for most Western fans) not many people outside the country get to go there.

So what exactly can you expect from a show in New Japan Pro Wrestlings home venue? We found out.

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