10 Things We Learned From Seth Rollins On Edge & Christian’s Podcast

WWE almost split The Shield six months early...

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If anyone deserves to point at that neon WrestleMania sign, it's Seth Rollins. 2018 belonged to Rollins in-ring; his Gauntlet performance in February on Raw, the IC Title reign he enjoyed (and those matches against Dolph Ziggler), and the way he has become the babyface WWE wanted Roman Reigns to be all contributed.

Now, Seth has a date with Brock Lesnar, though it remains to be seen whether or not that match will actually headline 'Mania.

That subject came up during Rollins' chat with Edge and Christian for the Canadian prankster's podcast. Other topics of note included Seth looking back to his childhood dreams, who should get more credit for changing the face of WWE, what The Shield really thought about their 2014 split and why Vince McMahon's rage almost made Seth walk out.

This was as candid an interview as you're likely to get from any WWE star in 2019. There was honesty, there was frustration, there was happiness, sadness and more. Throughout the pod, Rollins came across as a passionate soul who dearly loves what he does.

Here's everything we learned...

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