10 Things We Learned From Seth Rollins On Edge & Christian’s Podcast

10. Seth Promised He'd Headline 'Mania When He Was 14

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It's not uncommon for pro wrestlers to scribble their dreams down on a piece of paper as kids. Seth Rollins was no different, but he did have a very specific ambition. 14-year old Seth promised himself that he'd get to headline WrestleMania at some point in his life.

19 years later, he could be about to live that dream.

Rollins was born in May 1986, which means 'Mania 2000 had just happened when he made his bold pledge as a teenager. He'd watched Triple H beat The Rock, Big Show and Mick Foley in a four-way headliner in Anaheim, and he wanted to experience what those guys did.

Unless WWE plan to make the Raw Women's Title bout their actual main event in New Jersey, Seth will get to say he's achieved his major goal. That's pretty cool, and it was clear from the podcast that he's desperate to tick it off his bucket list.

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