10 Things We Learned From Something Else To Wrestle With: CM Punk

10. CM Punk & Reckless Youth Were The Indie Darlings On WWE's Radar


In discussing how a wrestler with CM Punk's then-toxic independent credentials even made it into the WWE system to begin with, Prichard noted how he was one of several the company had their eye on at the time, but moved beyond references to both Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe to cover a name one synonymous with burgeoning scene.

Referring to Punk as one of the "darlings" at the time, Prichard put the future 'Voice Of The Voiceless' in league with then-red hot prospect Thomas 'Reckless Youth' Carter. A forgotten footnote of the era, Carter benefitted hugely from a cult appeal amongst the most ardent of fans, with tapes traded featuring some of his gruelling spot-heavy battles gaining huge acclaim before social media made such a thing instantaneous.

The company go as far as sharing a dark match on the broadcast with Prichard and Thompson commenting over top, though the clip of the match is selected to note Bruce's tacit takedown of his broader appeal. Carter springboards out to the floor in a slightly clunky fashion and admittedly looks tiny inside WWE's 20x20 ring. It's not a surprise Punk's original instinct when he did arrive in OVW was to "get big".


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