10 Things We Learned From Something Else To Wrestle With: CM Punk

8. CM Punk Vs The Road Warriors

WWE Network

Discussion of Punk's various tryouts and dark matches in 2003 before eventually getting signed revolves mostly around the unvarnished Ring Of Honor star not quite yet being a fit for the company. Comments from Prichard are set to images of the 'Straight Edge Superstar' sporting his straggliest purple hair and long white shorts.

Not receiving a contract offer proved something of a blessing in disguise at the time - Conrad himself remarked that iconic battles with Raven and Samoa Joe couldn't have occurred had he entered the system long before he'd seen through his development in ROH.

It's during this patter than the WWE Network editors splice in fascinating footage of Punk taking a sh*tkicking from an ageing Road Warrior Animal during whilst partner Hawk stands on the apron. The pair had worked against Rob Van Dam and Kane on Monday Night Raw a night earlier, and whilst they were less than impressive there, they were tenured enough to squash Punk and partner Doug Delicious ahead of a May SmackDown Taping.

None of the four were hired as a result, though Animal was coincidentally rehired by the organisation in 2005 - the very same year they brought Punk into Ohio Valley Wrestling.


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