10 Things We Learned From Stone Cold Steve Austin On Talk Is Jericho

Steve Austin talked WWE, WCW, WrestleMania, Chris Benoit and more on Jericho's podcast.

Steve Austin Talk Is Jericho
Talk Is Jericho

This pair could talk about wrestling for days and it wouldn't be boring.

Chris Jericho's surprise appearance on 'Broken Skull Sessions' had the internet abuzz during WrestleMania week (which, being honest, was a curious time to release such a monumental interview). Steve Austin's own gig on 'Talk Is Jericho' might not be as controversial or "sexy", but it was still must-hear.

Together, old friends flew through some of Austin's best matches in WCW and WWE. They talked everyone from Bret Hart and Barry Windham to Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle and The Rock. Nobody will be shocked to learn that it was insightful stuff, or that 'Stone Cold' seemed genuinely touched by how much Jericho recalled of his career.

Somewhat remarkably, Austin also became the first 'WWE guy' to appear on Jericho's show since the Canadian joined AEW. It didn't disappoint - these veterans share enough camaraderie that they could fill 100 podcasts full of stories without repeating themselves.

Want to know what Benoit told Austin after a forgotten SmackDown match? Need to hear why Steve regrets WrestleMania XV? This has you covered. Here's everything we learned from another top chat...

10. They Got P*ssed After BSS

Steve Austin Talk Is Jericho

Jericho's 'Broken Skull Sessions' showing marked the first time that he and Austin had caught up for a long time, and they weren't about to make it half-assed. After filming had finished, the pair went for drinks together and properly re-connected.

Later, Jericho woke up in his hotel room bed and thought, 'How the hell did I get here?'.

Austin even admitted that it took him a few days to get back on an even keel afterwards. The old buddies obviously enjoyed catching up, and clearly went for it with the booze. WWE should've kept the cameras rolling to catch some of that - who wouldn't want to see 'Stone Cold' and 'Le Champion' doing shots at the bar or telling more road stories?

There's something heartwarming about this. The world has been an icy cold place for over a year now due to the pandemic, but that wasn't about to stop Austin and Jericho from living it up when they had the chance.


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