10 Things We Learned From Triple H's Wikipedia: Fact Or Fiction

Why D-Generation X was actually the 'Best In The World'...

Triple H has always been a bit metal.

A pumping crescendo of rock riffs, bass and drums play him to the ring, and he often themes his WrestleMania entrances around metal-as-f*ck things like The Terminator or bikes that look like they'd be at home in Mad Max. Then, there's NXT, and all the work Trips does to ensure the show has an underground metal soundtrack every week.

The NXT patriarch and WWE Executive Vice President was the latest celeb to guest on Loudwire's Wikipedia: Fact Or Fiction YouTube show. He seemed right at home talking to a crew who adore heavy music, and he was keen to find out what editors had been saying about him on Wiki. Would it all be true, or would some "facts" be way wide of the mark?

Despite only lasting just over 18 minutes, the interview managed to cram in notes on Triple H's childhood, training with Killer Kowalski, his time in WCW, his jump over to the WWF, who coined the name D-Generation X, who got in touch with Motörhead, Owen Hart, DDP and more...

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