10 Things We Learned From VICE's Dark Side Of The Ring: Chris Benoit

One of the most uncomfortable stories ever told.

There was a time when deep, unbiased exploration of Chris Benoit's life, career, reprehensible actions and demise would've been impossible. The entire world was left shocked after Benoit took the lives of his wife Nancy and young son Daniel, then took his own, across one disturbing weekend in June 2007.

That can't change the fact that Benoit's other son, David, still counts Chris as his hero.

This was just one of the stunning revelations in VICE's latest documentary. Their 'Dark Side Of The Ring' series was hard-hitting in season one, but the second series already feels much more intense. This, as the summary line above states, is one of the most uncomfortable stories ever told, and it's a hard watch at times when talking heads examine why Benoit did what he did.

Somehow, through all the pain and misery, there's a little bit of light at the end. That's something the doc's producers deserve credit for; they didn't shy away from the tragedy's most grim moments, and yet they also clearly wanted to show the amazing strength of some innocent bystanders.

Here's everything we learned from a quite stunning piece of work...

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