10 Things We Learned From VICE's Dark Side Of The Ring: Chris Benoit

10. Family Members Didn't Know About 'Mania XX

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Before digging into the unavoidably bleak issues, here's some wrestling chat.

At WrestleMania XX, great friends Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero ended the night as World Heavyweight and WWE Champions respectively. As the confetti fell, they embraced mid-ring; this remains one of pro wrestling's most powerful visuals, and tears fell all around Madison Square Garden along with the ticker tape.

In their plush skybox high above the crowd, both Nancy Benoit and Vickie Guerrero cried too. They, according to Vickie, hadn't been told that their husbands would end the night that way. Think about that, then imagine being young David Benoit - he watched his father celebrate from the stands, and he was delighted to see him so happy.

David says he wishes upon the stars that Chris and Eddie had been able to retire after that, because they couldn't top that moment. It's incredible to think that close family members watched the night unfold like every other fan.

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