10 Things We Learned From Vince McMahon On Pat McAfee’s Podcast

Vince McMahon talks The Undertaker, WWE releases, Shane McMahon, ego and more.

Pat McAfee Vince McMahon
YouTube/The Pat McAfee Show

Vince McMahon really likes Pat McAfee.

That's clear from the off during his interview with the SmackDown announcer. WWE's head honcho appreciates McAfee's energy, and even he seemed to relax around halfway through the podcast - McMahon let his guard down, which nobody could've been expecting from what was effectively another vehicle to promote WrestleMania 38.

Pat's dizzying style kept things powering along at quite the pace too. Together, he and Vince chatted about everything from early business struggles and The Undertaker potentially joining WCW to mental health and all of those recent WWE releases. They covered a lot of ground, but McMahon was visibly enjoying himself.

He even extended the interview by approx 45 minutes when McAfee started wrapping things up.

The boss also revealed some cool stuff about the upcoming 'Mania festivities. He'll be involved himself, and he offered Pat an in-ring spot on the weekender; there's no way that wasn't discussed beforehand, but it was still sweet to see it play out.

Here's everything gleaned from a super-rare media appearance by the dude who revolutionised the biz. McMahon didn't really hold back, especially on some subjects...

10. Vince Will Induct The Undertaker

Pat McAfee Vince McMahon

"He's an extraordinary human being".

That's how Vince described Mark Calaway. He loves The Undertaker as a character, sure, but he's mega-tight with the man behind that famous persona too. During the pod, McMahon revealed that he'll make a rare appearance onstage at the 2022 Hall Of Fame to induct his close friend.

That's huge, and the magnitude of the moment won't be lost on Vince. He called that decision "one of the most difficult things [he's] ever done in his life". The boss is notoriously frosty about being inducted into the HOF himself, but he'll bounce onto stage and honour 'Taker come 1 April.

No, this isn't some early April Fool's Day prank. McMahon will deliver an intro speech for one of his greatest creations, and he'll pave the way for a 'Deadman' to live forever. There's something...correct about that. McAfee almost lost his sh*t when Vince broke the news.


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