10 Things We Learned From Vince McMahon On Pat McAfee’s Podcast

9. He Never Spoke About WCW With ‘Taker

Pat McAfee Vince McMahon

Vince followed that announcement up by revealing that he never really spoke about a rumoured WCW jump with The Undertaker back in the day. Wrestling fans were once told that 'Taker considered leaving the then-WWF for Atlanta back in 1999 (before finally returning as a biker in 2000), but how close did he come?

McMahon isn't sure himself.

He and Calaway steered clear of that topic whenever they spoke, and they've still never had an in-depth chat about the likelihood of it happening. "Not one". If true, then that's incredible. Vince doubted that 'Taker wanted to be anywhere but in his midst anyway, and WCW was already a riot by '99.

There's a chance that the 'Phenom' briefly considered another WCW run before realising that it was a toxic wasteland of bad ideas. If he was interested in linking back up with buddies like Kevin Nash, then he didn't make that clear to Vince.


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