10 Things We Learned From Vince McMahon On Pat McAfee’s Podcast

8. His “6 Month Ego”

Pat McAfee Vince McMahon

Your tolerance for some of the banter about McMahon's ego and heart may vary, but it was interesting to hear him talk about the swollen head he had "for six months" somewhere between WrestleMania IV and the follow up V. That, according to the boss, was when his arrogance was at its peak.

He told Pat that he ended up having a conversation with himself about it.

Amongst other things, Vince told himself: "You're just like everybody else. You put your pants on the same way". That, he says, calmed him down a bit and made him refocus on turning the WWF into an even bigger empire than it had become.

McAfee was fascinated by this. 'Mania IV-V featured the iconic build towards a Mega Powers explosion between Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. That amazing story did monster business for the promotion, and it's partly why Vince strutted around like his sh*t didn't stink.


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