10 Things We Learned From WWE 24: Trish Stratus

'How can this tiny, blonde Canadian woman become a professional wrestler?'

Trish Stratus WWE 24

Unless she comes back for a tag-team match at some Saudi Arabian special, then Trish Stratus' in-ring career is a wrap.

The beloved Canadian was the subject of the latest WWE 24 episode on the Network, and the short-but-sweet 45-minute sprint revealed so much decency to Trish as a human being that it was hard not to join in with her tears. In fact, Trish is such an endearing person that WWE should've shown this kind of humanity in the build up to her match with Charlotte Flair, not four months afterwards.

The directors covered a lot of ground in a short space of time. Whilst they hardly did much with the day of stuff at SummerSlam (aside from showing Stratus arriving and airing a highlight package of her send off), the other stuff in the doc was damn insightful. There were stories of Trish as an aspiring wrestler, and her overwhelming desire to spark change in women's wrestling got a ton of coverage.

Here's absolutely everything learned from the 24's fly-by look at Stratus' life, hopes, dreams, dedication to family and how she went about reshaping internal views on the ladies during her legendary Hall Of Fame career. Stratusfaction guaranteed...


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