10 Things We Learned From WWE's Mae Young Classic First Round

7. The Talent Pool Isn't As Deep As The Cruiserweight Classic

Mae Young Classic Competitors

The MYC should be allowed to fail or succeed on its own merit, but some comparisons with the Cruiserweight Classic are inevitable. The two competitions have been presented in a near identical format, after all, and while the MYC outdid its predecessor in a couple of ways, it lagged behind in others.

The talent pool's depth is the most notable example. While the tournament is unquestionably populated by some of the most exciting women's wrestlers on the planet, there were a few duds too. This was best exhibited in Rachael Evers vs. Marti Belle - an uncoordinated, sloppy bout in which neither wrestler looked convincing - but continued across all four shows, with several of the tourney's more experienced grapplers tasked with carrying unseasoned opposition.

It's not a huge issue, as most of the lesser workers have now been eliminated, but it was noticeable throughout. Contrast this with the CWC, when even relative unknowns like Raul Mendoza and Alejandro Saez were able to stand out, and the Mae Young Classic is found wanting. That's not to say there weren't duds in the Cruiserweight tourney's early stages (see: HoHo Lun), but the MYC just wasn't as consistent.


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