10 Things We Need To See Post-WWE Summerslam 2022

How will Triple H's Brave New World shape up?

Ludwig Kaiser Gunther Intercontinental Title

Another SummerSlam is in the bag, and it’s fair to say this first Premium Live Event of the post-Vince McMahon era was a success. While nothing world-shatteringly momentous took place, the right people went over, the matches were all at least effective and often excellent, and there were enough surprises and wild moments to keep fans talking.

Now, though, we enter a brave new world of WWE. Triple H has taken the creative reins, and for those who followed his work in the glory days of NXT black and gold, that could very well make for some terrific product.

No one, realistically, is expecting a major shift in presentation or content (if that’s even something viewers feel WWE needs), but this is about as fresh a start as this company is ever going to have, and as entitled fans, we have demands to make!

WWE hasn’t been this intriguing in a long while, and it’s easy to see lapsed fans wandering back over to see just what’s going to happen now that the big boss has stepped down. Here’s what we’d like to see going forward.

10. Bring Back The Man

Ludwig Kaiser Gunther Intercontinental Title

SummerSlam got off to a feel-good bang teasing Becky Lynch’s face turn, and her appearance on Raw solidified it. Big Time Becks hasn’t been a disaster by any means; Lynch has worked her socks off to sell it, and it’s helped elevate Bianca. The crowds, though, want to cheer Becky, and it seems like WWE is finally going to allow it.

Lynch was written off TV Monday night, which means her return down the line will have even more babyface momentum. There’s a ready-made feud with Bayley, which not only makes storytelling sense, but gives someone else the chance to occupy the title scene for the time being.

Then, on the blue side of the divide, there’s a certain Baddest Woman In The World with whom The Man has unfinished business. Becky and Ronda reverting to their more natural face and heel personas was an easy creative choice to make, and their major singles showdown is a proper money match.

If anything, Lynch’s in-ring work has been even better since she returned from maternity; capitalise on the post-injury oomph and that 2019 magic could be revived. She doesn’t need to be The Man, per se - just the tweener hero we still love.


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