10 Things Wrestling Fans Found Too Distracting

Turn it off and tone it down?

Rusev What Chants

Wrestling, by its very nature, is a distraction from everyday life.

Escapism from humdrum reality can be a powerful tool (especially given current circumstances), and people have perhaps never had more time to hyper-analyse their favourite media or chill out and tune in. Some who do this may find that they're distracted by their chosen distraction, which...yes, sounds absolutely odd.

At its core, wrasslin' is one-on-one or two-on-two staged combat. The flowery promos and angles that frame each match are often superficial - it's all about getting those men and women inside a ring to thrash things out and determine a winner. That's all well and good until other incidentals and tropes start to boggle the brain and impede on viewer concentration.

Some of these distractions are more obvious than others, but they've all been things wrestling fans are either repeatedly plagued by or feel the need to complain about on social media. In one instance, select fans saw fit to whinge to the promotion about a specific talent, and her reaction was golden.

Your attention, please. If you're not too distracted...

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