10 Things WWE Actually Got Right This Week

With more eyes than usual on WWE this week they (sometimes) delivered.


Seth Rollins retained his Universal Title against The Fiend Bray Wyatt last night, earning himself what amounted to a DQ despite a no DQ stipulation. Boos rained down from the stands even though Seth took a post match beat down. Is the hottest thing in wrestling already back to being a busted flush?

WWE also failed to pull the trigger on Sasha Banks, choosing instead to extend Becky Lynch’s lukewarm title run. Cameras caught the obvious disapproval of some fans in the arena. With the week ending on a sour note, it’s easy to remember things like Sheamus squashing Daniel Bryan or an unwelcome Roman Reigns Royal Rumble victory and feel like WWE always let us down.

But before the red mist descends (or is it a crappy red camera filter?) it’s worth remembering the things WWE got right in this most crucial of weeks.

With the launch of AEW Dynamite and a big money move to Fox to take care of, the past week was certainly the most important for WWE in recent memory. The pressure was on to deliver both spectacle and ratings. There will be time enough to dwell on the missteps and mistakes. For now, let’s allow ourselves a bit of positivity.


Chris Chopping is a writer, podcaster and stand up comedian. He’s 34 and still dreaming of a Diamond Dallas Page style later-life entry into the wrestling business. Eats too many carbs for that though. Follow him @MrChrisChopping on Twitter.