10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About The Luscious Lana

10. She Has Posed Nude

Sorry guys and ladies. We can€™t put any nude images up, but go ahead and google them I€™ll even wait for you. Waiting€ Waiting€ And You€™re Back! Lana has posed in both nude and seminude pictorials. However, she had a lot more actual modeling/swimsuit photos floating online. She has been in publications such as RIDGID Tool calendar, and she lent her talents to energy drinks Red Bull and Matrix. Not every diva is built for these types of photos, but Lana screams sex appeal in every photo. An interesting thing about her pictures is her hair color. While we all know her as a blonde Russian starlet, she looks equally stunning as a brunette. Conversely, the pictures are all done in great taste, and don€™t reek of sleaziness. It€™s a bonus for everyone that fantasizes about her, and just one more thing to add to her bio. It hasn€™t slowed her down at all, and she probably could end up in Playboy which would make her a bigger star than anything WWE could do with her. Excuse me while I, google search her best work.
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