10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About The Luscious Lana

9. She Probably Could Have Been A Famous Dancer

Lana once was a backup dancer for major artists Keri Hilson, Nelly, Pink and Usher. Once again displaying her immense range, one would look at her and not initially expect that she at one time was a dancer, and did it on a stage of that magnitude. As Lana she looks like a laidback stiff. However she was a certified professional dancer by the age of 10. In Moscow, Russia she attended Vaganova Ballet School and the Riga Choreography School which is the ballet school of the Lativian National Opera. Upon coming to the United States, she danced for various institutions in New York City. She then majored in Dance and Acting at Florida State University. While at Florida St. she was friends with Jenn Sterger, who was at the center of Brett Favre€™s cell phone picture controversy. It remains to be seen whether she will break out any moves in WWE, but the day she does, know that they are coming from an extremely skilled professional.
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