10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Rockstar Spud

Birmingham's pint-sized performer who just keeps defying expectations...

Rockstar Spud
Impact Wrestling

If any British wrestler deserved to make it to WWE, it was Rockstar Spud. The 5'4" Brummie with the loud mouth and even louder suits had been a highlight of TNA/Impact Wrestling programming since he joined up with the company and moved Stateside in 2012. Now, Spud looks set to become part of WWE's Cruiserweight ranks on 205 Live.

The division is a great fit for the Englishman. At 140lbs, he's tiny compared to most on the current roster, can work effectively as an underdog (heel or babyface) and can talk with the best of them. Spud has all the tools to become a success in WWE. Don't bet against him, because he's already defied expectations on the UK indie circuit, TNA and beyond.

Rockstar Spud is no ordinary small wrestler. Those who didn't know of him before Impact Wrestling or didn't watch him in TNA will soon come to know that, but what do WWE fans need to know about the man generally? Fittingly when it comes to such an outspoken spitfire of a wrestler, there's a lot to say...


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