10 Things WWE Must Do At Royal Rumble 2016

Royal Rumble 2016 is shaping up to be a spectacular show.

The Royal Rumble is always one of WWE's best efforts, which is reflected in the fact that it is usually only second to WrestleMania in traditional PPV buys. What's even more exciting about next month's show is that it is going to be lay the foundation for WWE's biggest event ever. WrestleMania 32 is aiming to break the WWE attendance record, with a potential 100,000 people filling Cowboys Stadium in Dallas,Texas on April 3rd, 2016. In order to put on a show worthy capable of drawing that crowd, WWE will need to establish the main event matches on January 24 at Royal Rumble in Orlando, Florida. The early signs are very positive. In taking a look at the lay of the land after TLC, you can see that WWE is positioned for much better things going forward. Roman Reigns is finally over, having earned "Yes" chants and cheers from the formerly hostile Philadelphia crowd when he defeated Sheamus for the WWE Title on the 12/14 Raw. He'll be a big part of why the Rumble event is so great, as everything in the company is central to The Big Dog right now. But it is far more than just the WWE Title and the Rumble match itself that will make January 24 spectacular, as the rest of the card is also sure to shape up well and the show could turn out to be a modern classic. Here are the ten things WWE must do at the special.
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