10 Things WWE Need To Bring Back

Is it time for the 40 man Royal Rumble to return?

40 Man Rumble

WWE have come up with some pretty bad ideas in recent years. The McMahon Million Dollar Give-away, the Anonymous RAW GM, and weekly celebrity guest hosts are just a few that come to mind. But occasionally they will strike gold and simply leave it in the mine.

Many fans have grown weary of formulaic storytelling and repetitive cycles with little to no variety, until it can feel like the background of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, the same scenes rolling past again and again. When something breaks through the monotony, no matter how insignificant, it can resonate with established fans whose enthusiasm can help influence those new to the product.

From Daniel Bryan's run in to WrestleMania XXX, to the rise of NXT, and even going as far back as the introduction of the Elimination Chamber, WWE fans are always more than ready to embrace the unique.

When WWE does produce a great idea or even one with untapped potential it can be frustrating to see them take it away only to replace it with something that is far worse or nothing at all.

Here are 10 things that the WWE need to bring back.

10. Post PPV Highlights Packages

40 Man Rumble

Between the early to mid-noughties WWE would cap off their PPVs with a montage of the most memorable moments set to the theme song used for the event. Many fans will remember the highlight package from WrestleMania X-Seven set to My Way by Limp Bizkit, but there were countless other instances of this trope and it is one that really should be brought back.

The argument has been made that the reason WWE no longer produce these highlight packages is down to their reluctance to give too much of the action away in an easily digestible music video when they are so hell-bent on new Network subscribers. To that I would argue that anyone who wants to watch a three hour plus wrestling event will not be satiated by a two minute montage. For those who have sat through some amazing matches and endured the worst, a well produced highlights video can send viewers away happy with the best of the show shining prominently in their minds.

This method was no doubt difficult for the wizards of WWE’s production and possibly benefited the artists providing the music for the PPV more than WWE itself but it is a relic of days gone past that deserves a revival. With a lack of grandeur and majesty in WWE’s PPV calendar this could be a great way to make the shows more significant and expressive.

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