10 Things WWE Needs To Stop Doing IMMEDIATELY

Less Bray Wyatt BS would be a start...

Bray Wyatt

While WWE under the stewardship of Paul 'Triple H' Levesque is a vastly superior beast to the WWE seen under the maniacal reign of Vince McMahon's final few years at the helm, that's not to say that the WWE of 2023 still doesn't have its fair share of problems.

The Game should be commended for how he's ironed out certain creases long associated with Vince, for how he's brought back talent who never should've been fired in the first place, and for how he's played his part in helping to craft utter pro wrestling excellence in the form of the ongoing Bloodline saga.

Still, it's the present-day problems of WWE that are in the spotlight here.

Yes, we all know that the dialogue spouted by WWE stars is the sort of overly-scripted nonsense nobody would ever say, and yes, we have all felt a smidge woozy at times from the rapid finger camera switches of Kevin Dunn, but there are also whole bunch of other issues that WWE needs to address right now.

Having already irked certain quarters of the AEW fanbase with 10 Things AEW Needs To Stop Doing IMMEDIATELY, it's only natural that a similar approach is taken to the current landscape of WWE.

10. Hit Row On The Main Roster

Bray Wyatt

Clearly, some of Triple H's rehires of 2022 and into 2023 have been better than others, but few acts have failed to click on any sort of level as much as Hit Row.

In the group's previous iteration in NXT and on the main roster - a main roster run which was unfairly bungled by Vince McMahon - Isiah 'Swerve' Scott was the focal point of the group, with B-Fab, Top Dolla and Ashante 'Thee' Adonis serving as decent supporting players to Swerve's undeniable star power. Of course, Swerve can these days be found in AEW under his Swerve Strickland guise, and the remaining trio of Hit Row have floundered in his absence.

As a hand-slapping energetic babyface act, fans didn't give a solitary sh*t about Hit Row upon the three's return to the company back in August. So much so, it was rather sad and uncomfortable to hear Fab, Dolla and Adonis put their all into their pre-match raps... only for those raps to play out to an apathetic crowd response.

Many had suggested that some of Hit Row's problems could be solved by turning the three heel, and just such a turn played out towards the end of last year. Unfortunately though, the act is still an awful one that garners minimal reaction.

In fairness, Ashante 'Thee' Adonis is a decent in-ring worker, B-Fab has something, but Top Dolla just carries himself on screen and on social media as if he's the second coming of The Rock. And not in a 'ooh, what a cocky heel' way where you'd love to see Dolla get his ass handed to him by a babyface, but more in a 'seriously mate, have a word with yourself' way.

As babyfaces, Hit Row have sucked. As heels, Hit Row continue to suck.

The best option right now, would be to send the entire trio back down to NXT to iron out their creases in the hope of finding something that clicks with audiences. If not, Hit Row's return to WWE may be a rather short one.

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