10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Jeff Hardy

10. His Brother Matt Didn't Really Burn Down His House

Jeff's house was burned down in March of 2008. At the time, he was actually suspended by WWE for 60 days due to drug use. More on that later. Hardy was living in a double wide trailer in North Carolina at the time. As the story goes, he was out getting a tattoo done. His brother Matt was in the area and saw smoke coming from the home, but he wasn't able to stop it. It was caused by a wiring problem. Nobody did it. It was an accident. In early 2009, Matt turned heel on his brother Jeff and it was implied that he was the one that set Jeff's house on fire because he was jealous of his success. Jeff was always more popular than Matt, so they used that to try to tell this outrageous story. Jeff's dog died in the fire, so WWE also drove that point home saying that Matt killed his brother's dog due to his actions. There are probably some WWE fans that think Matt really burned down his brother's house. It's not true.

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