10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About 2021

The WWE booking and ideas that Vince McMahon just wants you to forget about.

Aleister Black Vince McMahon

The glory of that WrestleMania 37 weekender, welcoming fans back properly in July, Bianca Belair and Edge winning both Royal Rumbles in January, Roman Reigns vs. literally anybody and Brock Lesnar's overalls - yes, 2021 has had some fantastic moments to shout about.

Now, what about the ones WWE don't want anyone shouting about?

As good as the highs have been this year (and they have been), there's always a counter-balance. WWE's creative team has struggled to fill three hours of Raw every week, for example. The once-proud flagship has become a miserable watch when viewed live with ad breaks, and not only because it seems to last days.

Vince McMahon's main show has housed some of the worst angles and ideas of 2021. Then, there's the not-so-small matter of the boss tearing NXT to pieces and starting again too. The third brand is almost unrecognisable in December 21 compared to 20.

It's like a mini-Raw, albeit one designed to develop stars for that program and SmackDown rather than present them as stars already.

Here's everything WWE probably wants you to forget about the previous 12 months or so.

10. That Ric Flair Angle

Aleister Black Vince McMahon


January 2021 feels like a lifetime ago, granted. Back then, Ric Flair returned to WWE screens and started running around with Lacey Evans like a horny teenager. Sure, that's nothing really new for the 'Nature Boy', but it was really f*cking weird to watch play out this year.

Ric was (ahem) wooing Evans to get back at a babyface Charlotte too, which was equally as odd. She just doesn't work as a goody, and so the whole drama felt totally wrong and out of place. It was actually difficult to pinpoint who WWE were trying to target with the story. Older fans who remember Ric's party boy capers? Daughters who watch dad go through a midlife crisis? Who was this for?!

Even daddy dearest admitted in interviews that he found the whole thing awkward. Think about that: Ric f'n Flair, who used to get naked at parties because he figured it was hilarious, thought WWE's script was mortifying. That perhaps says it all.


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