10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Adam Rose

The Exotic Express may leave you with some much needed memory loss...

Adam Rose Prison

The Adam Rose situation has been one of the most shocking and troubling stories of 2016 so far. 

What started off as a routine suspension quickly became the tale of a man standing up for himself in the face of corporate hypocrisy. Sympathy for Rose, real name Raymond Leppan, grew and grew quickly, only for the latest developments in the case to destroy the majority of that goodwill. 

After posting a handwritten note from his doctor proclaiming further innocence, Leppan removed the note and all other dissenting messages regarding his suspension. 

The note returned, but everything went to hell in the early hours of Wednesday morning as Leppan was arrested, charged with tampering with a witness and battery domestic violence.

It's fair to say that right now WWE would like you to forget everything about Adam Rose, and Rose himself would be in favour of mass memory loss too. That isn't how life works, however, and there is obviously more to come regarding the Rose situation.

Rose has been with the company for six years however, and needless to say there have been plenty of left turns throughout his tenure that are better left consigned to the bin of history. 

Here are 10 things WWE would probably like you to forget about Adam Rose, about Leo Kruger, about Raymond Leppan...

10. Leppan Spent Years In Developmental Going Nowhere

Adam Rose Prison

Raymond Leppan signed for World Wrestling Entertainment in 2010, and when all problems with his United States working visa were cleared he set about going to work in Florida Championship Wrestling.

Leppan worked under his real name to begin with, but quickly changed it to Leo Kruger, an homage to his relative and former South African president Paul Kruger.

Kruger would subsequently stay in WWE developmental for four years. This may not seem like such a long time, but there was little development during this time and the Kruger gimmick was thought by many to be on the chopping block.

The ESPN E:60 documentary storied this extremely well, with WWE officials informing Kruger that something needed to happen or he was out.

What happened was Adam Rose, but even though he arrived on the main roster in 2014 he did so with less a sense of being ready and more a sense of being over-ripe, so to speak.


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