10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Alicia Fox

9. How She Was Discovered

Alicia Fox

WWE take an awful lot of pride in the fact their female roster is made up of passionate, hard-working pro wrestlers, not silicon-stuffed bikini models. The days of the 'Diva Search' are very much over. Despite coming in just after that reality TV-like project, Alicia Fox did share the same origin story as many of the models.

That's because she was one.

Before landing in wrestling, Victoria Crawford posed for various publications in lingerie, swimsuits and other outfits. That's where John Laurinaitis (who else?) found her. He'd been tasked by WWE to seek out as many gorgeous women who might add something to the product as he could, and he felt Crawford was perfect.

From there, she was drafted in and sent to then-developmental territory OVW for seasoning. That was the first time the renamed Fox had ever wrestled, or presumably thought about it as a career. God bless, 'Big Johnny' and his love of model directories.

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