10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Becky Lynch

1. The Irish Dancer Stereotype

Becky Lynch
"I'm Becky Lynch, and I'm gonna' do a lil' Irish jig for ya then sink some Guinness with Hornswoggle".

That, as ludicrously stereotypical as it sounds, might as well have been Becky Lynch's first promo line as a WWE wrestler in 2014. In almost-offensive fashion, she Riverdanced her way onto NXT screens for a match with Summer Rae and continued tap-dancing away until Rae levelled her with a big clothesline.

The gimmick was like a joke at Becky's expense. Yes, WWE like to find out if their employees can be all-round entertainers, but allotting Lynch the female Michael Flatley gig was sheer stupidity.

Stereotypical elements can work if they're handled sensitively and with respect. This wasn't, and it totally p*ssed all over Becky's Irish heritage, made her look like a loser and humiliated her all at once. No wonder she's so determined to do her own thing now.

When left to their own devices, WWE's writers made a mockery of her background.

What else do you think WWE would want fans to forget about Becky Lynch? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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