10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About John Morrison

WrestleMania XXVII drama, failed auditions and creative frustrations...

"Now listen, this ain't no make believe. Come on, open your eyes and see. Now get up, get up and follow me, 'cause I'm gonna' show you what the future will be".

It'll feel damn good to hear those lyrics again when new WWE signing John Morrison returns imminently and brings his retro rockstar goodness to Raw, SmackDown or NXT for the first time since 2011. Yes, it has really been that long since WWE's resident Jim Morrison knock off was part of the team, and it's been eight years since JoMo went slo-mo during his entrances.

WWE will be pleased to have the 40-year old back. Most critics would agree that he was never used to his full potential the first time around, and this represents a chance for both Morrison and company to put things right. Or, maybe they'll make an absolute balls up of his talents like they did before.

Morrison's re-arrival on WWE soil conjures up images of his first run with the promotion, and not all of it is positive. Between backstage dramas, creative missteps, suspensions and more name changes than Sean Combs, here's everything Vinnie Mac and company would want you to forget about 'Johnny Comeback'...


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