10 Things You Didn't Know About Alexa Bliss

8. Rey Mysterio Was Her Childhood Favourite

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When Rey Mysterio joined WWE in the summer of 2002, Alexa Bliss would have been around ten years old. A keen gymnast from the age of four, the future Women's Champion has said several times during interviews that Rey's style grabbed her almost immediately.

Admiring the way the former WCW Cruiserweight star would fly around the ring, an impressionable Bliss linked Mysterio's ring style with her own approach to gymnastics. Right there and then, she named Rey as one of her favourite wrestlers, because he could do things in the ring that nobody else would even come close to at the time.

In addition to his high-flying moves, she also adored the colourful outfits and superhero-like masks that Mysterio would wear during his performances. Above all others, the dazzling Mexican was the one that left a major impression on Alexa during her formative years watching WWE.

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