10 Things You Didn't Know About AJ Lee

8. She Was Trained By A ROH Champion Who Became Her Boyfriend

AJ Lee

A couple of years after dropping out of college, Lee stepped up her wrestling training, enrolling in a professional school. Her trainer? None other than Ring Of Honor legend and multiple-time champion Jay Lethal, who operated a dojo in Elizabeth, New Jersey, just down the road from AJ's hometown of Union City.

Although Lethal is only two years older than Lee, in 2007 he already had six years in the business under his belt, having made a name for himself in both the nascent Ring Of Honor and TNA's blistering X Division. He spoke to Cult of Whatever on what it was like training the minute Lee:

"That was interesting. She trained she was pretty much the only girl in her class and the smallest. Everybody else towered over her so I'm sure that didn't make the classes any easier."

Lethal reckons it's super cool that he had any role in helping AJ become (before spite intervened) the longest reigning women's champion in WWE, though admits the company probably made her do things "the total opposite of the way I did it."

Clearly, teacher and student had an excellent rapport; the pair began dating shortly after Lee graduated Lethal's class. Obviously, as anyone familiar with CM Punk will know, it didn't quite work out.

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